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Ultimate Self Folding Dollar Bill – $9.97Sold Out

Ultimate Self Folding Dollar Bill

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The Ultimate Magic “Self-Folding Dollar Bill “

Make Their Jaws Drop With Incredible Magic!

The magician displays a real one-dollar bill on the palm of his hand. Upon command the dollar begins to fold itself in half! As people watch closely the dollar continues to fold itself next into quarters and then finally into eights!

What You Get:

  • The Secret / The trick takes some practice but requires no difficult sleight of hand!
  • A Real Dollar Bill Setup With the Gimmick (A gimmick makes the trick work)
  • 4 Pages of Instructions with photos.

Special Notes:

  • This is a professional magic effect that will take some practice.
  • You are getting a real, genuine dollar bill that is gimmicked.
  • Don’t be fooled by people selling this trick as a digital download. When you buy from Eddy Ray Magic you recieve a 4 page set of instructions along with a real dollar bill that is already setup and gimmicked for you.

*Do not accept imitations. Some magic shops sell this trick for cheap but what you receive is play money. Buy from us and receive a real dollar bill that is gimmicked. This way you can really amaze your friends and family.