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Ultimate CD Trick – $9.97

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Ultimate CD Trick


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Ultimate CD Trick

World Class Manipulator Eddy Ray, the star of Showoff with CD’s DVD presents a highly visual manipulative illusion.

The Ultimate CD gimmick is here to enhance your magic act!

The Ultimate CD will create the most visually stunning magic an audience can ever witness with a simple compact disc.

The Ultimate CD can be learned in just minutes and the possibilities with it are endless.

With the Ultimate CD you can vanish a CD into thin air with your fingers spread wide open!

No elastic pulls are used. This effect is recommended for stage performances only.

You will learn the following moves in this manuscript….

  • The Ultimate Vanish
  • The Ultimate Appearance
  • CD to Silk Transformation

Detailed step-by-step instructional booklet, 16 pages with 9 photos!

Here is a demo video of this effect: