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Fortune Telling Fish (5)

Fortune Telling Fish (5)$1.25

Fortune Telling Fish (5) Discover the Science of The Fortune Telling Fish! What makes the piece of fish shaped cellophane curl in various ways? What does it mean for your future? Science activitity appropriate for grades K-6. Individually wrapped fortune telling fish. This amazing red plastic fish will move all by itself in the palm […]

Disappearing Ink

Disappearing Ink$1.97

      Disappearing Ink Magic Disappearing Ink. This magic ink disappears in minutes! Write messages to your friends and never worry about your secret getting out. The reactions you will get with this prank are awesome… squirt a little Invisible Ink on someone, watch them have a huge reaction, and laugh as the stain […]

Whoopee Cushion – Joke

Whoopee Cushion – Joke$1.97

      Whoopee Cushion Whoopee Cushions are funny! They make us laugh and bring out the immaturity in all of us. Who can resist the look of horror on the victim’s face? Break the ice at your next team meeting. Set-up a co-worker by placing a Whoopee cushion on their chair… be sure to […]