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Monkey Puzzle by Ian Adair

Monkey Puzzle by Ian Adair$3.47

    Monkey Puzzle by Ian Adair A classic optical illusion, with a story line to accompany the action. A green and yellow banana are shown, with the yellow shorter than the green, than the green shorter than the yellow. Finally the pictures are turned over, to display the cheeky monkey, responsible for their diminishing […]

Find The Hole – Coin Penetration

Find The Hole – Coin Penetration$3.47 Sold Out

Find the Hole – Coin Penetration When the secret is known, you can push a coin through a solid sheet of rubber without making a hole. You can use any coin and the cup and plastic rubber sheet can be examined! Completely automatic, real magic. Includes plastic cup, 4 rubber sheets and complete instructions.

The Amazing Magic Thumb Book

The Amazing Magic Thumb Book$9.97 Sold Out

  The Amazing Magic Thumb Book There is no more versatile or clever prop in the magician’s tool kit than the amazing magic thumb. With it you can make all kind of things magically disappear and reappear – money, scarves, string, and more! Using the techniques described in this concise, 72 page book of magic, […]

Pocket Pal Magic Tricks Book

Pocket Pal Magic Tricks Book$8.97

  Pocket Pal Magic Tricks Book Hilarious, fascinating and entertaining collections that are perfectly pocket-sized for hours of take-anywhere fun! Grow your own stalactites and create invisible ink, flabbergast your friends with clever card tricks and devious disappearing acts, get a giggle from gross gags and rib-tickling riddles, and astound your acquaintances and fascinate your […]

Practical Magic Book

Practical Magic Book$4.97

  Practical Magic Book Paperback – over 75 pages! All tricks are easy to do using everyday objects like card thru table, coin in orange and disappearing glass. This book even includes instructions on showmanship, sleight of hand and how to throw your voice. This book contains over 100 tricks that anyone can perform with […]