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Card Trick DVD Value Pack

Card Trick DVD Value Pack$19.97 Sold Out

Card Magic Value Pack GET MORE FROM YOUR TRICK DECKS! Introducing Eddy Ray’s Magic DVD Value Pack. Why purchase these 3 magic DVDs seperately when you can get them all together for ONE low price? What is included: 30 Tricks/Tips DVD, Teaching the Stripper Trick Deck – Suggested Retail: $19.95 Intro to the Stripper Deck, Basic […]

Stripper Deck DVD

Stripper Deck DVD$14.97

  Stripper Deck DVD with Free Deck! Perhaps the most versatile trick deck of cards in the magic world, the Stripper deck will allow you to find chosen cards with ease even after the deck has been shuffled! The Stripper Deck, also known as the Tapered Deck, has become essential in the magician’s arsenal. Join Eddy Ray for […]

Sleight of Hand 4 DVD Set

Sleight of Hand 4 DVD Set$39.97

Sleight of Hand With Cards – Complete Course 4 DVD Set! You will learn the basics and then get into the advanced moves and routines to become a World Class Magician! DVDs 1,2,3 Complete Card Manipulation DVD 4 Bonus Ball & Thimble Manipulations! Volume 1 – Hand Exercises, Breaking in the Cards, Powdering the Cards, […]

Svengali Deck DVD

Svengali Deck DVD$14.97

  Svengali Deck DVD with Free Deck! Perhaps the most famous trick deck of cards ever created, “The Svengali Deck”, is explained in-depth on this DVD. Join Eddy Ray and learn the most amazing tricks that you can master in minutes! 30 Tricks and Tips with A Svengali Deck Deck Introduction Secret Handling Methods Long and […]

Easy Hand Illusions DVD

Easy Hand Illusions DVD$13.97

  Perfect for Close Up and Street Performances! Learn amazing hand illusions that will astonish your audience, yet are easy to learn!  Join Eddy Ray as he takes you through the world of sleight of hand with everyday objects. You’ll find amazing visual illusions using cards, finger rings, pens, poker chips, and more. Learn The […]

Mental Photography Deck DVD

Mental Photography Deck DVD$14.97 Sold Out

Mental Photography Deck DVD with Free Deck! Eddy Ray teaches you step-by-step how to use this amazing trick deck of cards. Imagine a blank deck of cards, front and back magically printing before your spectators eyes!! Visual, eye popping magic that you can perform anywhere! On this high quality ultimate teaching DVD you will learn: The […]