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Learn Magic Book By Eddy Ray

Learn Magic Book By Eddy Ray$12.97

  Learn Magic Book By Eddy Ray This fantastic 25 page book with a full color cover will teach you how to do amazing magic tricks that will amaze your friends and family! Dozens of photos and illustrations with clear directions make learning fun and simple! This is great for any age and makes a […]

Little Giant Book of Card Tricks

Little Giant Book of Card Tricks$5.95

  Little Giant Book of Card Tricks By Bob Longe – Sterling (2000) – Paperback – 352 pages – ISBN 0806944714 Pick a card, any card–but DON’T pick any other card book! This one’s beyond compare, the biggest and the best, with 352 pages of fabulous sleights and tricks that will amaze your friends. “Force” your volunteers to choose […]

The Amazing Magic Thumb Book

The Amazing Magic Thumb Book$9.97 Sold Out

  The Amazing Magic Thumb Book There is no more versatile or clever prop in the magician’s tool kit than the amazing magic thumb. With it you can make all kind of things magically disappear and reappear – money, scarves, string, and more! Using the techniques described in this concise, 72 page book of magic, […]

Magic Tricks in Minutes

Magic Tricks in Minutes$12.97

Magic Tricks in Minutes by Eddy Ray Welcome to the world of magic! A small journey, which will help you learn secrets to incredible magic tricks. My personal explanations will help you entertain and delight your friends and family. Are you a young person interested in learning some cool tricks to show your friends? Or […]

Learn Magic Activity Booklet

Learn Magic Activity Booklet$2.97

  Learn Magic Activity Booklet This fun little booklet is packed full of magic, jokes, optical illusions, and games! The budding magician will learn important rules of magic and be taught step-by-step how to perform a few easy magic tricks to fool their friends and family! Great souvenir for kids who love Eddy Ray’s magic! […]

Practical Magic Book

Practical Magic Book$4.97

  Practical Magic Book Paperback – over 75 pages! All tricks are easy to do using everyday objects like card thru table, coin in orange and disappearing glass. This book even includes instructions on showmanship, sleight of hand and how to throw your voice. This book contains over 100 tricks that anyone can perform with […]

Mental Note Printed Book

Mental Note Printed Book$17.97

  Over 50 years ago, Ted Annemann published a method for gaining access to information secretly recorded by a spectator, the center tear. This utility move caught on quickly and has since become a mainstay in the mentalist’s repertoire. For more than half a century, the center tear has been the most practical and deceptive […]