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Svengali Deck DVD – $14.97

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Svengali Deck DVD


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Svengali Deck DVD with Free Deck!

Perhaps the most famous trick deck of cards ever created, “The Svengali Deck”, is explained in-depth on this DVD. Join Eddy Ray and learn the most amazing tricks that you can master in minutes!

30 Tricks and Tips with A Svengali Deck

  • Deck Introduction
  • Secret Handling Methods
  • Long and Short Differences
  • Professional Routine
  • Double Lift Technique
  • The Riffle Shuffle, Forcing a Card, Card Revelations
  • Full Deck Display
  • Spell My Name
  • Card to Wallet
  • Pure Prediction
  • Feel Their Pulse
  • 3 Deck Monte
  • Eddy Ray’s Ultimate 3 Pile Monte
  • You Find Your Card
  • Card Case Leftovers
  • Easy Ambitious Card
  • Eddy Ray’s Card Jump
  • Eddy Ray’s Card Jump Variation
  • Surprise Selections
  • Rub the Arm
  • In Your Hand
  • DNA Fingerprints
  • In the Dark
  • Perfect Vision
  • Dicey
  • Silent Whisper
  • Clipped
  • Reversed
  • Ghostly Turnover
  • Crossed Selection
With the purchase of this incredible DVD you will also receive a PRO Svengali Deck FREE!!! This way you can perform all the tricks you will learn in just minutes!!!!
  • Deck is Blue Backed (Not Bicycle)
  • Highest Quality Entry Level Deck in Existence!!!!
  • Bridge Sized Deck
  • Made from the same type paper used on bicycle decks!
  • It will handle just like a Bicycle Deck!!
  • 30 Tricks and Tips on the DVD
  • Highest Quality Production!


Additional Details: Suggested Retail: $19.95!