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Rattle Snake Eggs

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Do you want to see my Rattlesnake Eggs? ZAP-ZIP-ZAP! Our classic Rattlesnake Eggs practical joke always surprises your friends, family, or co-workers! Just wind up the prank’s secret and casually offer the closed envelope to a friend. The authentic looking brown paper envelope has a little rubber band powered metal mechanism that “shocks” your victim with a loud and sudden rattle. This 1929 depression era practical prank favorite is back!

For extra fun make up a story about the Snake Eggs that you bought on your trip to Florida . . . last month. Wonder out loud, “How long does it take for Rattlesnake Eggs to hatch?” as you hand over the envelope.

  • Take with you everywhere!
  • Prank young and old!
  • Realistic envelope will fool them!