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Premium Magic Wax Block – $2.97

Premium Magic Wax Block


Quantity Available: 9

Magicians Premium Wax

Perfect for Close Up Tricks & Illusion. Magicans Wax has been used for decades to help along with other methods create moments of illusion and astonishment for people. It is a vital tool used in the close up and street magicans repitoire and is necessary in card and thread work. Don’t hesitate and keep yourself from having the tools needed to take your magic to the next level, order right now and you will be on your way to create amazing magic.

Possible Uses for Wax:

  • Keeping Two Cards Stuck Together as One
  • Anchoring Invisible Thread When Floating Objects
  • Used in Manipulation and Sleight of Hand Magic

What You Receive:

  • Small Block about 1″ by 1″ square of magicians premium adhesive wax
  • Packaged in Clear Cello Bag with header
  • Free Bonus Included 10 Feet of Magicians Invisible Thread with Instructions!

What is the difference between this Premium Wax and Bees Wax?

  • Premium wax is more tacky
  • Easier to work with in all temperatures

Our store does offer Magicians Bees Wax as do other suppliers. It is merely a preference of which you like better. Premium wax is more tacky but can leave more residue on playing cards or other items that you use with it. Bees Wax is a bit harder and will not be as tacky.

Additional Details: Free Bonus 10 Ft Invisible Thread Included!