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Mini Close Up Magic Tricks Kit – $14.97

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Mini Close Up Magic Tricks Kit


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Mini Close Up Magic Tricks Kit

5 Amazing Magic Tricks For One Low Price!

Imagine floating a dollar bill in the air inches from the eyes of your spectator. Imagine reading the mind of a spectator and predicting the future… imagine making a sponge ball disappear and appear like magic!

Perfect for Street and Close Up Magic Performing!

You will receive:

  1. The Floating Dollar Bill Trick ( Floating A Dollar Bill Between Your Hands!!!) – Detailed Instructions with Photos along with necessary invisible thread for plenty of performances!
  2. Sponge Balls Set – (4) Red 2″ Sponge Balls!!!) – Printed instructions are provided and a link to an online video for more learning. Make sponge balls appear, disappear, or multiply in your hands.
  3. Invisible Deck (Best Trick Deck For Mind Reading!) – Detailed printed instructions are provided. Magician predicts which playing card a spectator thinks of. To prove this the spectators card is seen to be the only face down card in the deck, no sleight of hand! Trick deck is bridge size and manufactured by Royal Magic. It is not a poker bicycle deck.
  4. Easy Dice It – Two dice are rolled and numbers from them are added up. The magician correctly predicts the number the spectator is thinking of. Provided with dice, printed instructions … easy to learn!
  5. Sure Fire Force Card – Printed gimmicked card on bicycle card stock. Printed instructions provided. Easily and deceptively force a card on a spectator. Possibilities are endless for revealing the forced card.
Buy this mini close-up magic trick package today and save!!!!!!! Each trick can sell for upwards of $5.00 or more a piece at least in most brick and mortar magic shops! These are professional secrets and will take some time to practice before perfecting them. They are perfect for ages 7 and up!


Additional Details: Suggested Retail: $24.95!