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Growing CD Trick – $11.97

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Growing CD Trick


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Growing CD Trick

World Class Manipulator Eddy Ray, the star of “Showoff with CDs” DVD presents a highly visual manipulative illusion.

Take a mini CD, toss it in the air for display, and in the blink of an eye you change it into a regular sized CD! This effect is so simple to perform that it can be done one handed.

  • Comes complete with the necessary gimmick and 8-page booklet with detailed instructions and photos.
  • Extra tips and techniques are also explained. Recommended for the stage! Bring your act into the 21st century with this awesome magic effect!
  • This magic effect retails for $15.00 or more in most magic shops!
  • This manuscript is also autographed by Eddy Ray!
  • If you like CD magic tricks please check out our DVD, Showoff with CD’s!

Watch a demo video below of this amazing trick!

Additional Details: Limited Quantity In Stock!