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Float Stuff Booklet – $12.47

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Float Stuff Booklet


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The Ultimate Floating Kit Beginners Guide

Float Stuff Kit

This Kit is perfect for the beginner in magic that wants to learn about levitation of small objects such as dollar bills, pens, finger rings and more.

What Do I Get In This Float Kit?

  • 20 Page Booklet Called, Float Stuff. Explaining Floating Tricks, Effect & Stunts.
  • 50 Feet of High Quality Magicians Invisible Thread.
  • Magicans Wax. Quality wax used in various tricks and to anchor the thread.

What Tricks Will I Learn?

  • The Floating Dollar Bill. Float a borrowed dollar bill between your hands.
  • The Floating UFO Card Trick. A playing card spins and floats like a UFO.
  • The Floating Pen. A pen floats in mid-air.
  • Rising Finger Ring on Pencil. – A finger ring floats up and down a pencil on command.
  • Plus More!

FREE BONUS – Self Levitation

As a bonus, in the back of the booklet you will also learn the classic self levitation trick. No gimmicks required. You will learn how to create the illusion of floating yourself off of the ground a few inches. This is an amazing impromptu trick to learn and it’s included FREE in your booklet.