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Easy Dice It – $2.97

Easy Dice It


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Easy Dice It! Easy Magic You Can Do!

The Effect: A spectator is asked to roll a pair of dice, stack them on top of one another, and add up the sides of the dice that do not show. The magician writes down a prediction and it is found to be the exact same number the spectator had!

What do you get?

  • You receive a full page of detailed instructions with photos.
  • You will also get a set of normal dice so that you can learn the trick right away and amaze your friends and family with it.

Keep in mind the method and secret to the trick are simple but it is the way you perform the effect that will be entertaining and mystifying to your audience!
Remember, you are buying the secret to this magic trick. Please do not expose the trick to others!

Amaze and Delight Your Friends When You Can Guess or Correctly Predict Their Number!