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Close-Up Magic Levitation Kit – $11.97Sold Out

Close-Up Magic Levitation Kit

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Close-Up Magic Levitation Kit

“Perfect of Street & Close Up Magic!”

What do you get in this kit?

  • Floating Dollar Bill Instructions and IT (float a borrowed bill like David Blaine!)
  • Floating Card Instructions and IT (make a playing card spin in your hands!)
  • Hover Bill Instructions and Gimmicks (hover a card or bill over your fingers!)
  • 20 Feet of Extra IT Thread (will last you a long time!)

Everything comes with detailed instructions with photos and illustrations.
You could spend up to $10.00 a piece on each part of this magic kit or more in most Magic Shops!
Over a $40.00 value for one low price! Why purchase each trick seperatly when you can get them all in one kit!

Here is a more detailed listing of each piece of this magic float kit.

The Floating Dollar Bill

The Effect:
You crumple a borrowed bill into a loose ball, place it on your open palm, and suddenly… it rises from your hand and proceeds to float from palm to palm. Your hands circle around the floating bill (dispelling any and all thoughts of how it might work). You pass the bill back to your amazed spectators in the same condition it was in when you received it. Do it surrounded, do it close-up.

What You Get

  • The Secret
  • The equipment (enough to last dozens & dozens of performances)
  • Easy setup instructions

Special Note:

  • This is a professional magic effect that will take practice and patience.
  • The gimmick can be used to animate and float other light weight objects like feather, soda cans, matches, napkins, etc.

The Ultimate Hovering Bill

What is it?

The Ultimate Hovering Dollar is a classic magic trick that has been around for quite a long time. You remove two bills from your wallet and place them in your hand, one bill laying across the other. The bill on top beings to hover off of your hand slowly! The bill underneath can be slid back and forth proving that nothing is there, you may also wave your hands on top, as there are no strings and obviously no magnets!

What do you get?

You get complete printed instructions on 4 pages. The instructions are detailed and also contain photos. You also get the necessary gimmicks necessary to perform the effect. Please provide your own dollars or money.

Once you learn the secret you will be able to make your own gimmicks easily. As an added bonus we provide you with a playing card gimmick already made up that will hover in your hand similar to the dollar bill!

  • Easy to DO!
  • Can be learned in just 5 minutes!
  • Amazing to Perform and Incredible to watch!
  • Hover a Dollar Bill under the spectators eyes!

High Quality Non Stripped Invisible Thread

This thread is non-stripped, which means you have to unravel it from the other threads in order to access it, but even this is incredibly simple. With a little care, you will have at your disposal a potent weapon that nobody will be able to see let alone suspect what you are using.

Stop denying yourself the quality tools that you know you deserve. Once you’ve experienced this thread for yourself, you’ll wonder how you were ever able to do without. If you don’t currently use invisible thread in your magic, now is the time to start. Don’t rob yourself, or your spectators of the power of invisible thread.

  • Enough for hundreds of performances
  • Quite strong for its size
  • You get about 20 Feet of thread!!!
  • Perfect for floating any light weight object!

The Ultimate Magic Floating/Flying Card!

What is it?

What is the Ultimate Magic Floating Card?

A playing card is picked by a spectator at random and then handed to the magician. The magician gives the card a quick spin and moves his hand away. The card is seen spinning and whirling in mid-air, floating by magic. The magician causes the card to float back and forth between his hands and even is able to make it float around his entire body. After this close-up miracle the card comes to rest on the magicians hand, he than hands out the card for examination!
  • Detailed Step-By-Step Instructions, 19 page booklet!
  • Fun Illustrations!
  • Complete With Gimmicks! Everything you need to get started!
  • Playing Card Included!
  • Fun To Perform!
  • Many Moves To Master!

Instead of floating a playing card you could also float a credit card, drivers license, or business card! Use your imagination!!!!!

  • Amaze Your Friends! This will take practice like all magic tricks! Some moves are harder than others
  • Can be learned in a short time! The more you practice the better you will get!
  • Amazing to Perform and Incredible to watch! Blow away your friends with incredible magic!
  • Card can be borrowed and examined before and after the illusion!