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Mentalism Value Pack

Mentalism Value Pack$19.97

  Mentalism Value Pack This Value Pack Includes: Mental Note – $14.97 The Mentalist Booklet – $7.97 Easy Dice It Mind Reading Trick – $2.97 Features: Complete Mental Note Routine Ebook on CD ROM by Eddy Ray Mentalist Booklet – 11 pages containing several amazing mind magic routines! Easy Dice It with Dice! Use dice […]

Practical Magic Book

Practical Magic Book$4.97

  Practical Magic Book Paperback – over 75 pages! All tricks are easy to do using everyday objects like card thru table, coin in orange and disappearing glass. This book even includes instructions on showmanship, sleight of hand and how to throw your voice. This book contains over 100 tricks that anyone can perform with […]

Mental Note Printed Book

Mental Note Printed Book$17.97

  Over 50 years ago, Ted Annemann published a method for gaining access to information secretly recorded by a spectator, the center tear. This utility move caught on quickly and has since become a mainstay in the mentalist’s repertoire. For more than half a century, the center tear has been the most practical and deceptive […]

Stripper Deck Pro Brand

Stripper Deck Pro Brand$4.47

Stripper Deck Pro Brand Air ride finish Perfect function Superior paper quality Poker sized! This amazing trick deck can do dozens and dozens of amazing magic effects. You can have a spectator select a card and have it returned to the deck. The deck can be shuffled and you can instantly locate the card without […]

Stripper Deck DVD

Stripper Deck DVD$14.97

  Stripper Deck DVD with Free Deck! Perhaps the most versatile trick deck of cards in the magic world, the Stripper deck will allow you to find chosen cards with ease even after the deck has been shuffled! The Stripper Deck, also known as the Tapered Deck, has become essential in the magician’s arsenal. Join Eddy Ray for […]

Float Stuff Booklet

Float Stuff Booklet$12.47

      The Ultimate Floating Kit Beginners Guide Float Stuff Kit This Kit is perfect for the beginner in magic that wants to learn about levitation of small objects such as dollar bills, pens, finger rings and more. What Do I Get In This Float Kit? 20 Page Booklet Called, Float Stuff. Explaining Floating […]

Sleight of Hand 4 DVD Set

Sleight of Hand 4 DVD Set$39.97

Sleight of Hand With Cards – Complete Course 4 DVD Set! You will learn the basics and then get into the advanced moves and routines to become a World Class Magician! DVDs 1,2,3 Complete Card Manipulation DVD 4 Bonus Ball & Thimble Manipulations! Volume 1 – Hand Exercises, Breaking in the Cards, Powdering the Cards, […]

Cups and Balls DVD Set – WATCH DEMO

Cups and Balls DVD Set – WATCH DEMO$19.97

Cups and Balls Two Disc DVD Set by Magician Eddy Ray From the USA to the far reaches of Japan, Eddy Ray has proven to be the master of cups and balls. His instructions are clear and easy to follow. His techniques are highly effective. This single DVD features over 75 of the best moves, […]