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Magic Penetration Frame

Magic Penetration Frame$2.97

      Magic Penetration Frame Show the frame is solid. Slip a card under the middle dome and push a pencil right through the card. Remove the card. You have penetrated the card, yet there is no hole in the frame! Illustrated directions provided and the frame can be inspected before and after the […]

Whoopee Cushion – Joke

Whoopee Cushion – Joke$1.97

      Whoopee Cushion Whoopee Cushions are funny! They make us laugh and bring out the immaturity in all of us. Who can resist the look of horror on the victim’s face? Break the ice at your next team meeting. Set-up a co-worker by placing a Whoopee cushion on their chair… be sure to […]

Paper Magic Wand Party Favor

Paper Magic Wand Party Favor$0.75

Paper Magic Wand Party Favor Here’s the perfect inexpensive magical themed party favor and giveaway. It’s a paper magic wand and when unrolled turns into a certificate in which the child can write his or her name on. In addition to this, the other side of the certificate contains an optical illusion and 4 magic […]

Little Giant Book of Card Tricks

Little Giant Book of Card Tricks$5.95

  Little Giant Book of Card Tricks By Bob Longe – Sterling (2000) – Paperback – 352 pages – ISBN 0806944714 Pick a card, any card–but DON’T pick any other card book! This one’s beyond compare, the biggest and the best, with 352 pages of fabulous sleights and tricks that will amaze your friends. “Force” your volunteers to choose […]

Amazing Close Up Magic Pack

Amazing Close Up Magic Pack$24.97

    Amazing Close Up Magic Value Pack Start Your Close-Up Magic Career With Our Amazing Collection! Close-up Magic today is more popular than ever before and it’s easy to understand why. Powerful, Visual Magic happening inches from an audience.. pretty awesome huh? Well here is your chance to start your close-up career off on […]

Mini Color Vision

Mini Color Vision$.97

      Mini Color Vision A cube with 6 different colored spots is placed into an opaque box and closed. The magician names the colored spot on top of the boxed cube. This miniature colored plastic box is 0.8″ square, with a cube 0.6″ size. Can be examined, and repeated as often as you […]

Color Vision

Color Vision$2.97

  Color Vision – Read Minds! The magician shows a cube with different colors on each of the six sides and a box. A volunteer puts the cube inside the box with any freely chosen color on the top and closes the box with the lid. The magician can instantly tell the color on the […]

The Amazing Magic Thumb Book

The Amazing Magic Thumb Book$9.97

  The Amazing Magic Thumb Book There is no more versatile or clever prop in the magician’s tool kit than the amazing magic thumb. With it you can make all kind of things magically disappear and reappear – money, scarves, string, and more! Using the techniques described in this concise, 72 page book of magic, […]