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Eddy Ray Mini Poster Edition

Eddy Ray Mini Poster Edition$1.00

      Eddy Ray Mini Poster Edition Full color mini poster of Magician Eddy Ray! Eddy Ray will autograph every one you purchase and this makes a great gift or souvenir for all ages! This full color mini poster measures 5.5″ x 8.5″! Get one today and send it to a loved one!

Learn Magic Book By Eddy Ray

Learn Magic Book By Eddy Ray$12.97

  Learn Magic Book By Eddy Ray This fantastic 25 page book with a full color cover will teach you how to do amazing magic tricks that will amaze your friends and family! Dozens of photos and illustrations with clear directions make learning fun and simple! This is great for any age and makes a […]

Find The Hole – Coin Penetration

Find The Hole – Coin Penetration$3.47

Find the Hole – Coin Penetration When the secret is known, you can push a coin through a solid sheet of rubber without making a hole. You can use any coin and the cup and plastic rubber sheet can be examined! Completely automatic, real magic. Includes plastic cup, 4 rubber sheets and complete instructions.

Crazy Cube Dice Trick

Crazy Cube Dice Trick$2.47

  Crazy Cube lets the magician divine the spectator’s thoughts – with little practice. It takes only a matter of minutes to begin reading minds with this clever piece of apparatus. A die is handed to a spectator by the magician, along with two canisters. With the magician’s back turned, the spectator selects one number […]

Two Card Monte

Two Card Monte$1.97

Two Card Monte The Disappearing Card, also known as the Two Card Monte, has been a longtime favorite of professional magicians because it is fast, easy and can be repeated immediately. The basic idea is that your spectator can never follow his chosen card, even though there are only two cards in play! Two specially printed playing […]

Fortune Telling Fish (5)

Fortune Telling Fish (5)$1.25

Fortune Telling Fish (5) Discover the Science of The Fortune Telling Fish! What makes the piece of fish shaped cellophane curl in various ways? What does it mean for your future? Science activitity appropriate for grades K-6. Individually wrapped fortune telling fish. This amazing red plastic fish will move all by itself in the palm […]

Disappearing Ink

Disappearing Ink$1.97

      Disappearing Ink Magic Disappearing Ink. This magic ink disappears in minutes! Write messages to your friends and never worry about your secret getting out. The reactions you will get with this prank are awesome… squirt a little Invisible Ink on someone, watch them have a huge reaction, and laugh as the stain […]

The Nothing Box

The Nothing Box$4.97

The Nothing Box Try to imagine what is inside this small tin. You give it a shake and you feel something inside. In fact, you can even hear something inside while you shake the tin. Perhaps you may think it is a ring or a coin. But, after you look inside the only thing you […]