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Magic Mouse

Magic Mouse$2.97

    Magic Mouse A little plastic mouse is placed on your hand. All of a sudden it begins to move around, running to your other hand and more. It’s easy to do. Complete with thread, instructions, small mouse Easy to do, visual and fun! Creep out your friends by making it appear life like!

Rattle Snake Eggs

Rattle Snake Eggs$1.97

  Do you want to see my Rattlesnake Eggs? ZAP-ZIP-ZAP! Our classic Rattlesnake Eggs practical joke always surprises your friends, family, or co-workers! Just wind up the prank’s secret and casually offer the closed envelope to a friend. The authentic looking brown paper envelope has a little rubber band powered metal mechanism that “shocks” your […]

Whoopee Cushion – Joke

Whoopee Cushion – Joke$1.97

      Whoopee Cushion Whoopee Cushions are funny! They make us laugh and bring out the immaturity in all of us. Who can resist the look of horror on the victim’s face? Break the ice at your next team meeting. Set-up a co-worker by placing a Whoopee cushion on their chair… be sure to […]