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Bug Eyed Finger Puppet

Bug Eyed Finger Puppet$1.97

Cute, Fun, Goofy! Eye Finger Puppet! Great for a magic routine or trick! Lots of possibilities, use your imagination! color may vary! Great for all ages!

Chinese Finger Trap (2)

Chinese Finger Trap (2)$1.27

          Chinese Finger Trap A classic novelty and trick, the Chinese Finger Trap is a fun puzzle. Place an audience members fingers inside the trap and watch them squirm to escape! Or… place your fingers inside and escape within seconds. An inexpensive, fun, and compact magic puzzle. You will receive 2 […]

Chinese YoYo (2)

Chinese YoYo (2)$1.27

Chinese YoYo (2) A fun and classic toy! Not your typical “yoyo”. This toy expands with a flick of your wrist.. up to 3 feet and comes back with ease. Fling it under your leg, behind your back, side to side, or any way you want! Multi-color When collapsed the toy is about 6″ in […]

Disappearing Ink

Disappearing Ink$1.97

      Disappearing Ink Magic Disappearing Ink. This magic ink disappears in minutes! Write messages to your friends and never worry about your secret getting out. The reactions you will get with this prank are awesome… squirt a little Invisible Ink on someone, watch them have a huge reaction, and laugh as the stain […]

Dollar Bill Snatcher

Dollar Bill Snatcher$2.47

      Dollar Bill Snatcher Attach the end of the string to the paper money or any other light object. Place the item where you want it. When you’re ready to surprise everyone, just release the button and watch the fun. Classic Prank Works Great With A Dollar Easy To Do

Fortune Telling Fish (5)

Fortune Telling Fish (5)$1.25

Fortune Telling Fish (5) Discover the Science of The Fortune Telling Fish! What makes the piece of fish shaped cellophane curl in various ways? What does it mean for your future? Science activitity appropriate for grades K-6. Individually wrapped fortune telling fish. This amazing red plastic fish will move all by itself in the palm […]

Gummy Bears Spring Snake Can

Gummy Bears Spring Snake Can$9.97

        The instant this brightly colored plastic Gummy Bear’s can is opened, two large brightly colored cloth snakes jump out, startling the unsuspecting volunteer.  Each snake measures about 46″ in length. The can is about 6″ tall and 3 1/4” in diameter. Actual colors might vary. Great as a comedy gag Use […]

Learn Magic Activity Booklet

Learn Magic Activity Booklet$2.97

  Learn Magic Activity Booklet This fun little booklet is packed full of magic, jokes, optical illusions, and games! The budding magician will learn important rules of magic and be taught step-by-step how to perform a few easy magic tricks to fool their friends and family! Great souvenir for kids who love Eddy Ray’s magic! […]