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Matching Results: Close-Up Magic

Mental Note Printed Book

Mental Note Printed Book$17.97

  Over 50 years ago, Ted Annemann published a method for gaining access to information secretly recorded by a spectator, the center tear. This utility move caught on quickly and has since become a mainstay in the mentalist’s repertoire. For more than half a century, the center tear has been the most practical and deceptive […]

Mental Photography Deck DVD

Mental Photography Deck DVD$14.97

Mental Photography Deck DVD with¬†Free Deck! Eddy Ray teaches you step-by-step how to use this amazing trick deck of cards. Imagine a blank deck of cards, front and back magically printing before your spectators eyes!! Visual, eye popping magic that you can perform anywhere! On this high quality ultimate teaching DVD you will learn: The […]

Metal Gem Hot Rod

Metal Gem Hot Rod$7.97

  Metal Gem Hot Rod For the Pro’s This hot rod is heavier then most and boasts a cool chrome finish with colored gems. You magically change the gems to all one color after the audience member selects it. Great magic for strolling, street & close-up! Metal Gem Hot Rod Features & Benefits… Classy Look […]

Mini Close Up Magic Tricks Kit

Mini Close Up Magic Tricks Kit$14.97

    Mini Close Up Magic Tricks Kit 5 Amazing Magic Tricks For One Low Price! Imagine floating a dollar bill in the air inches from the eyes of your spectator. Imagine reading the mind of a spectator and predicting the future… imagine making a sponge ball disappear and appear like magic! Perfect for Street […]

Mini Color Vision

Mini Color Vision$.97

      Mini Color Vision A cube with 6 different colored spots is placed into an opaque box and closed. The magician names the colored spot on top of the boxed cube. This miniature colored plastic box is 0.8″ square, with a cube 0.6″ size. Can be examined, and repeated as often as you […]

Monkey Puzzle by Ian Adair

Monkey Puzzle by Ian Adair$3.47

    Monkey Puzzle by Ian Adair A classic optical illusion, with a story line to accompany the action. A green and yellow banana are shown, with the yellow shorter than the green, than the green shorter than the yellow. Finally the pictures are turned over, to display the cheeky monkey, responsible for their diminishing […]

Perfect Penetration

Perfect Penetration$11.97

  The Perfect PENetration is an ordinary looking black pen with a secret gimmick. The performance is simple and easy to do. First show the pen and a dollar bill. Show the pen to penetrate the bill. Then magically remove the pen from the bill leaving no hole or blemishes. Hand both the pen and […]

Snapper Puzzle/Trick

Snapper Puzzle/Trick$2.97

      A great pocket/close-up magic puzzle and trick. Only you know how it works! The magician shows how to “snap” a rubber band placed in the end of the Snapper. Try though the spectator may, he’ll never be able to snap it. Works every time. Simple in operation. Comes with instructions.