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Bicycle Tetra Fanning Deck

Bicycle Tetra Fanning Deck$9.97

            Bicycle Tetra Fanning Deck Use this deck for ordinary card games, and card magic but standout amongst the rest with a vivid four color back! Bicycle Tetra Deck is a 4 way fanning deck Faces are standard with a red, blue, green, and yellow back Fan the cards out […]

Bug Eyed Finger Puppet

Bug Eyed Finger Puppet$1.97

Cute, Fun, Goofy! Eye Finger Puppet! Great for a magic routine or trick! Lots of possibilities, use your imagination! color may vary! Great for all ages!

Card in Bottle DVD

Card in Bottle DVD$13.97

  Many effects are perfect for Stage, Close-Up, & Street Performances! Is it possible to make a selected card appear in a bottle inches from a spectator’s eyes? Find out by joining Eddy Ray and learn all of the secrets. On this DVD Eddy Ray will teach you a dozen visual effects, tricks and routines […]

Card Trick DVD Value Pack

Card Trick DVD Value Pack$19.97

Card Magic Value Pack GET MORE FROM YOUR TRICK DECKS! Introducing Eddy Ray’s Magic DVD Value Pack. Why purchase these 3 magic DVDs seperately when you can get them all together for ONE low price? What is included: 30 Tricks/Tips DVD, Teaching the Stripper Trick Deck – Suggested Retail: $19.95 Intro to the Stripper Deck,¬†Basic […]

Change Bag

Change Bag$14.97

  Magic Change Bag This change bag is a great way to exchange, vanish, or reproduce an item. You can do all kinds of tricks and routines with this change bag, use your imagination, and the possibilities are endless! Professionally made prop Blue in color Zippered 30 Tricks instruction sheet enclosed

Chinese Finger Trap (2)

Chinese Finger Trap (2)$1.27

          Chinese Finger Trap A classic novelty and trick, the Chinese Finger Trap is a fun puzzle. Place an audience members fingers inside the trap and watch them squirm to escape! Or… place your fingers inside and escape within seconds. An inexpensive, fun, and compact magic puzzle. You will receive 2 […]

Chinese YoYo (2)

Chinese YoYo (2)$1.27

Chinese YoYo (2) A fun and classic toy! Not your typical “yoyo”. This toy expands with a flick of your wrist.. up to 3 feet and comes back with ease. Fling it under your leg, behind your back, side to side, or any way you want! Multi-color When collapsed the toy is about 6″ in […]

Close-Up Magic Levitation Kit

Close-Up Magic Levitation Kit$11.97

Close-Up Magic Levitation Kit “Perfect of Street & Close Up Magic!” What do you get in this kit? Floating Dollar Bill Instructions and IT (float a borrowed bill like David Blaine!) Floating Card Instructions and IT (make a playing card spin in your hands!) Hover Bill Instructions and Gimmicks (hover a card or bill over […]