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Magical Secrets Unlocked

Magical Secrets Unlocked$14.97

    “Magical Secrets Unlocked”  – By Eddy Ray Great Magic Book with PROPS! Welcome to the world of magic! The small journey you are about to embark on will help you learn secrets to incredible magic tricks. Not only will you learn secrets, but my personal explanations will help you entertain and delight your […]

Snapper Puzzle/Trick

Snapper Puzzle/Trick$2.97

      A great pocket/close-up magic puzzle and trick. Only you know how it works! The magician shows how to “snap” a rubber band placed in the end of the Snapper. Try though the spectator may, he’ll never be able to snap it. Works every time. Simple in operation. Comes with instructions.

Magic Mouse

Magic Mouse$2.97

    Magic Mouse A little plastic mouse is placed on your hand. All of a sudden it begins to move around, running to your other hand and more. It’s easy to do. Complete with thread, instructions, small mouse Easy to do, visual and fun! Creep out your friends by making it appear life like!

Dollar Bill Snatcher

Dollar Bill Snatcher$2.47

      Dollar Bill Snatcher Attach the end of the string to the paper money or any other light object. Place the item where you want it. When you’re ready to surprise everyone, just release the button and watch the fun. Classic Prank Works Great With A Dollar Easy To Do

Magic Coloring Book

Magic Coloring Book$7.97

      Magic Coloring Book You flip through a book and show that the pages are all blank. A few gestures latter black outlined pictures magically appear in the book. A few more gestures and the pictures are all colored now. Easy to Perform Colorful, Visual Great For Small or Large Shows This book […]

Monkey Puzzle by Ian Adair

Monkey Puzzle by Ian Adair$3.47

    Monkey Puzzle by Ian Adair A classic optical illusion, with a story line to accompany the action. A green and yellow banana are shown, with the yellow shorter than the green, than the green shorter than the yellow. Finally the pictures are turned over, to display the cheeky monkey, responsible for their diminishing […]

Magic Party Invitations

Magic Party Invitations$5.97

      Planning a “Eddy Ray Magic Party For Kids”? Complete your party planning by using official “Magic Party For Kids” party invitations! Eddy Ray now offers unique invitations that will get your child’s friends excited about attending their party! Features: Full Color Front Featuring The Magic Party! Back of invitation features: party details, […]

Eddy Ray’s Official Souvenir Magic Wand

Eddy Ray’s Official Souvenir Magic Wand$2.97

    Eddy Ray’s Official Souvenir Magic Wand Makes a great gift for young and old! This magic wand measures 7″ in length, about the size of a pencil and comes packaged on a full color card with authorized signature/autograph by Magician Eddy Ray! On the back of the card is an explanation of 4 […]