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Card Trick DVD Value Pack – $19.97Sold Out

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Card Trick DVD Value Pack

Sold Out

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Card Magic Value Pack


Introducing Eddy Ray’s Magic DVD Value Pack. Why purchase these 3 magic DVDs seperately when you can get them all together for ONE low price?

What is included:

30 Tricks/Tips DVD, Teaching the Stripper Trick Deck – Suggested Retail: $19.95

Intro to the Stripper Deck, Basic Handling, and Shuffling Techniques, Anatomy of a Stripper Deck, Advanced Cutting, Magician’s Millennium Move, Fixing the Deck, Reversed Card To Top, Stripper Deck Force, Hindu Shuffle Control, Pick a Card, Any Card, Gambler’s Choice, Gambler’s Choice Variation, Covered Vision, The Guarded Deck, Cutting the Deck, Easy Giant Fan, Color Separation, All Mixed Up, Odds and Evens, Dealing a Poker Hand, Ghostly Turnover, Picking Your Pocket, Mind Miracle, The Dream Double, Miracle Separation, Feeling the Cut, Running Gag, Sticky Situation, Rising Card Bit, One Handed Showoff, Classic Card Reversal, Turnover Card Bet, Card On Forehead

30 Tricks/Tips DVD, Teaching the Svengali Trick Deck – Suggested Retail: $19.95

Introduction to the Svengali Deck, Secret Methods and Handling, Difference Between Short & Long Cards, Professional Routine, Double Lift Technique, The Riffle Shuffle Forcing A Card/Card Revelations, Full Deck Display, Spell My Name, Card To Wallet, Pure Prediction, Feel Their Pulse, 3 Deck Monte, Eddy Ray’s Ultimate 3 Pile Monte, You Find Your Card, Card Case Leftovers, Easy Ambitious Card, Eddy Ray’s Card Jump, Eddy Ray’s Card Jump Variation, Surprise Selections, Rub The Arm, In You Hand, DNA Fingerprints, In The Dark, Perfect Vision, Dicey, Silent Whisper, Clipped, Reversed, Ghostly Turnover, Crossed Selection

Mental Photography DVD, Teaching the Mental Photography Trick Deck- Suggested Retail: $19.95

The Classic Routine of the Mental Photography Deck , Mechanics of the Deck – Learn how this deck is setup! , Mental Invisible Deck – The only card selected appears in the deck! , Heated – A card turns blank right in the spectators hand! , Which Pile? – Which pile is the printed pile or are they all blank? , Vanishing Selection – Spectators card magically appears face up! , Color Change – The card magically prints before your eyes! , Illustrated Deck – Make your deck come to life!

This value pack is perfect for the magician wanting to get MORE USE and MORE TRICKS and MORE VALUE from their current tricks decks.

***Trick Decks SOLD Separately!***


Additional Details: Suggested Retail: $59.85!