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Amazing Close Up Magic Pack – $24.97Sold Out

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Amazing Close Up Magic Pack

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Amazing Close Up Magic Value Pack

Start Your Close-Up Magic Career With Our Amazing Collection!

Close-up Magic today is more popular than ever before and it’s easy to understand why. Powerful, Visual Magic happening inches from an audience.. pretty awesome huh? Well here is your chance to start your close-up career off on the right foot…

Introducing: Amazing Close-Up Magic Value Pack!

This collection of magic was hand picked by me. I use all of these tricks on a regular basis performing full time. I know they work and I know they AMAZE! Gone are the days of difficulty in learning magic.. these tricks are fun and easy to perform.

What You’ll Receive:

The Mental Photography Deck with Teaching DVD – $15 or more in some shops!
Eddy Ray teaches you step-by-step how to use this amazing trick deck of cards. Imagine a blank deck of cards, front and back magically printing before your spectators eyes!!

On this high quality ultimate teaching DVD you will learn:

  • The Classic Routine of the Mental Photography Deck
  • Mechanics & Tips on Handling the Deck – Learn how the deck is setup.
  • Mental Invisible Deck Routine – The only card selected appears in the deck!
  • Heated – A card turns blank right in the spectator’s hand!
  • Which Pile? – Which pile is the printed pile or are they all blank?
  • Vanishing Selection – Spectator’s selected card vanishes!
  • Color Change – The card magically prints before your eyes!
  • Illustrated Deck – Make Your Deck Come To Life!

The Hover Bill Illusion $5 or more in some shops!

This incredible illusion happens with a couple of dollar bills. Your spectators will be amaze when they see one of them literally hovering off the palm of your hand by a couple inches! Comes complete with gimmicks and full instructions!

The Self Folding Dollar Bill -Normally $10 or more in some shops!

The grand-daddy of all money tricks…. this illusion uses a real dollar bill.. The bill actually folds up on the palm of your hand.. seemingly all by itself! Complete with a real dollar bill, gimmick and instructions. Eye popping and hard hitting magic!

The FREE BONUS! Stripper Trick Card Deck! $6 or more in some shops!

The most popular trick deck of all time will be yours, FREE. Simply order this Amazing Close-Up Magic Value Pack Today! Find any selected card with ease.. even after you shuffle! Tons of possibilities! Complete with pro brand trick deck and instructions! A $6 value at least!

Don’t purchase each one by itself.. get them as an Amazing Value Pack from Eddy Ray Magic!

Additional Details: Suggested Retail: $36.00!