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New Products:

Magical Secrets Unlocked

Magical Secrets Unlocked$14.97

    “Magical Secrets Unlocked”  – By Eddy Ray Great Magic Book with PROPS! Welcome to the world of magic! The small journey you are about to embark on will help you learn secrets to incredible magic tricks. Not only will you learn secrets, but my personal explanations will help you entertain and delight your […]

Snapper Puzzle/Trick

Snapper Puzzle/Trick$2.97

      A great pocket/close-up magic puzzle and trick. Only you know how it works! The magician shows how to “snap” a rubber band placed in the end of the Snapper. Try though the spectator may, he’ll never be able to snap it. Works every time. Simple in operation. Comes with instructions.

Magic Mouse

Magic Mouse$2.97

    Magic Mouse A little plastic mouse is placed on your hand. All of a sudden it begins to move around, running to your other hand and more. It’s easy to do. Complete with thread, instructions, small mouse Easy to do, visual and fun! Creep out your friends by making it appear life like!